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Frequently Asked Question!


We provide you with a wide variety of curtain fixtures at the most optimum prices.

Yes, if your delivery is faulty we will refund you your amount or replace the product if requested.

We are usually responsive and try to reach you within 24 hours of your complain.

We provide customers with Curtain Clips and Curtain rings.

We do our best to keep your confidential information safe and secure. However, 100% information protection is not a guarantee and Curtain Clouds will not be responsible for any unauthorized or illegal use of your data.

We are currently in process of introducing a live chat support on our website. Till then, you may email us your queries and concerns so we are able to resolve them at our earliest possible time.

To place an order, you must create an account online with us. Visit the website, and click on “My Account”.

You may place an order my simply logging in with your account and then selecting the product and adding it in your cart.

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Yes, we use paper bags to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainable business practices!